DTR 11: Betrayal

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In the six days after their return from Hoth, things winded down at Outmian Hasa for the Spacers. But while Gapon and Sekku conversed in the Outlander, an unannounced ship heading to the outpost was detected by the Peacekeepers. Minutes after, all Spacers assembled at the Cantina to speak with the arrival who was an old acquaintance, Ca'tra the Mandalorian. Ca'tra had interesting information to share with the Spacers. Apparently, an anonymous individual had contacted her to steal the holocron that they'd just retrieved from Hoth. The Spacers ventured a guess at whom the identity of said individual could be: Darth Shroud. Once Ca'tra had shared the information with the Spacers, she left the outpost. While her code guided her to do the honourable thing and warn the Spacers about the job offer and the possibility of a future attack, it stopped there. The Spacers chose then to plan defences in the privacy of the ex-commander's office. The Spacers went over a few proposed scenarios. Some were concerned about the possibility of a spy in their midst or even in the Jedi Order to account for the leaks of information in the past. They came up with a preliminary plan: to fake a delivery of the holocrons to the Jedi Order. While Al'Cid would hide the holocrons somewhere, the Spacers would set up a meeting with Arayeal's usual contact in the order. If there was a spy in the order, they would likely attempt to ambush the Spacers then. However, there was the possibility that there was also a spy in the outpost instead. Tensions rose as Al'Cid offered to handle the matter alone. Vâla did not trust the man to follow through on his promise to keep the holocrons safe. She insisted that the holocrons should not leave the outpost. Once Sekku proposed Vâla to accompany Al'Cid, she agreed whereas Arayeal vehemently insisted Al'Cid should go alone. To do otherwise was tactically unwise. Tempers flared between the Vâla and Arayeal as each held their ground. Vâla claimed she'd not allow the holocrons out of her sight. She had been kidnapped and implanted with something and these holocrons were somewhere at the root of the reason. Vâla then threatened Arayeal that she'd not be told what do by anyone. Arayeal warned that she'd stop Vâla from getting in their way, if necessary. Vâla then drew a lightsaber of the same form and shape that Darth Shroud wielded in Hoth. With that, the revealed Sith readied herself to attack the Spacers.

Vâla reveals herself to be Darth Shroud