DTR 16: Korriban

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Outmian Hasa, the group gathers at the Peacekeeper's Office to meet up with Jedi Teela. Though the Spacers prepared still to infiltrate Korriban and retrieve the holocron within Darth Marka Ragnos tomb, their window of opportunity to covertly enter imperial space has diminished. With their identities set by A.R.I.E.L., the Spacers choose to act before they lose their chance. Once the Spacers arrived in Korriban, they were greeted by a twi'lek Sith, Lord Wraith. She was here on behalf of her master, Lord Malrakin, whom had supposedly corresponded with Alcid's stolen identity, Lord Kanto before. She would assist them, she offered, and so the Spacers asked her to lead them to the tomb of Marka Ragnos. Wraith accepted to do so. Throughout the journey there, the Spacers had to be careful not to slip and compromise their disguises. They managed to reach the tomb of Marka Ragnos and even persuade Wraith that they need privacy beyond that point. Lord Wraith respectfully accepted to leave them to their own devices, warning them that tomb was said to be heavily trapped. Once she left them, the Spacers entered the tomb and prepared themselves for the worst.

Infiltration of Korriban