Outmian Hasa

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Outmian Hasa Outpost
location Tatooine
Population Unknown
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown
Affiliation(s) Republic

Outmian Hasa was an outpost on the planet of Tatooine. The outpost wasn't marked on any maps and was property of House Rist until the arrival of the Spacers of Coruscant, who claimed the outpost and unveiled clues to an imperial plot. Outmian Hasa is Huttese for "Outlander's Drop". The remote outpost sported high-quality comforts, modern technology and a docking bay. A journey from Anchorhead by cab and speeder would take about twelve hours to complete.

Map of Outmian Hasa

Alt text

Main Building: Upper Level

  • The Outlander, a bar equipped with games as well as practical utilities.
  • Personal Chambers for the rest of the individual.
  • Meeting Room for business conferences and meetings.
  • Lift to Ground Level.

Main Building: Ground Level

  • Foyer of the Main Building.
  • Lift to Upper Level.

Courtyard: East

  • Front yard of the Main Building with access to the Docking Bay and Bazaar.
  • Docking Bay, staffed and capable of ship repairs and modifications.
  • Peacekeeper Office, security officers HQ with access to all cameras installed throughout the outpost.
  • Bazaar for the use of merchants, visitors and inhabitants of Outmian Hasa.
  • Commander's Office, a personal office optimally furnished for small or unofficial meetings.

Courtyard: West

  • Datatracking such as for inbound and outbound ships and shipments.
  • The Mess, a quieter and more functional alternative to the Outlander.
  • The Medbay for the sick and injured under the care of medical personnel.
  • Speeder Dock for the parking of speeders and other transports.
  • Landing Field, a flat area of synthecrete for landing purposes.



Jazri and the Spacers of Coruscant arrive in Outmian Hasa