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This is an example on how it should look like on your page.

Location Nar Shaddaa
Population 2,000,000,000
Imports Food, Tech
Exports Underworld
Affiliation(s) Undeworld

Location Sheet Panel


Just copy the text below if you want to use this city sheet panel on the [[Cities page, then paste it on the city page and fill the areas in front of the "=" with the information. The template automatically hides the fields that are left in blank or are deleted, so if you don't want to have this entire list you can delete the information that you don't want, but do not delete the {{City| and }} or the template will be broken and won't work.



You can make it display the cit image on the top of the panel by filling the "|image=" with the name and extension of the image, however, the maximum width size allowed is 250px, if it's bigger or smaller than that the template automatically resizes the image to fulfill the default size. This happens in order to maintain the look and form of the panel and reduce the oversized images.

ex: |image=archorhead.jpg

It is recommended that you use images exactly at or above the appropriate size, otherwise smaller images may become pixelated due to the system stretching them to fit the canvas.